Staying fit

Why you need to stay fit always


Many people confuse staying fit with staying healthy, but they are entirely different. While fitness is the ability to perform work, sports, activities, etc. with ease, health, on the other hand, is the condition in which the body should have resistance capacity from all illness, and all parts of the body should work just fine. Still, it is important to be fit and healthy at the same time.

As a result of more demands for a more fit body, a lot of work out centres and gyms have been opened.  

It is important to make sure we keep fit, and however hard it is, we still have to. Maintaining a fit body requires a lot of self-control and will power.

Below are some reasons why you should keep fit:


Being fit gives you a form of self-dependency, with you knowing that you are very fit will help you depend less on others. Also, when you grow old, staying fit is one criterion to be self-dependent in old age. Therefore it is advised to work out for at least 30 minutes a day.


Staying fit has helped to prevent several diseases known as lifestyle diseases, which are associated with a sedentary lifestyle combined with an unhealthy diet. Exercise prevents the risk of cardiac arrests, and it also reduces the incidence of hypertension, stroke, colon cancer, osteoporotic fractures, obesity, depression, and delay mortality.


Since keeping fit requires effort and self-control, it’s will also help in other areas of your living. It also helps you to live a life that is happier, more enjoyable, and energetic. 


Staying fit helps you to improve your relationship with people, especially in your businesses, personal relationships, family, and every other aspect of your life. Also helps you to reduce health costs as there will be no need to go to the hospital as a result of minor illnesses since there will be no chance for them in your body system.


The human body is just like a machine; if you don’t use it, it will become faulty, but if you can use it and maintain it properly, it will last longer. Therefore taking necessary steps in ensuring that you are fit by regularly using your body through exercise and others will help you to live longer. 


Staying fit physically can help to boost your emotional health. If you are keeping fit by doing Yoga and other related exercises, it does helps you not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.


Being fit supports the human body in falling asleep and also spending more time in a deep sleep. Through sleep, feelings such as anxiety, excitement, fear, and stress are controlled, making you wake up feeling awesome and rejuvenated.  


BY keeping fit, you are burning calories on the way both when you are and are not moving. If you also take more resistance training, you will be maximizing your lean body mass and increase your metabolic rate.


In the process of keeping fit your level of adrenaline and stimulate your endorphins to improve your overall mood and help you deal with stress.


Over the years, research has shown that keeping fit helps to improve your sexual performance.  During exercises, the endorphins produced by the brain stimulates the release of sex hormones. 


If you desire a glowing skin, then keeping fit is one way to achieve this for regular exercise enhances the blood flow to your skin. Studies have shown that exercise improves acne by controlling the production of acne, inducing testosterone hormones. Also, sweating helps to unclog pores and help clear up breakouts, which ultimately detoxifies the skin of oil and dirt.

Seeing the above benefits, it has shown that keeping fit does have a lot of benefits.  

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