Ferme chez mario

Want to know the best time to pick-up freshly grown and fruits vegetables from farm? Visit ferme chez Mario


Ferme chez Mario is the farm where you can pick freshly grown vegetables. It is a family business of a Beauregard family that is running it from six generations. When it comes to eating, all of us want something healthy for our families and for us. However, due to the damage to the ozone layer and pollution in our environment, we usually remain unable to get healthy and clean fruits and vegetables. The ultimate solution to this issue lies in the Chez mario farm where you can pick up the fruits and vegetables yourself.

List of fruits and vegetables harvested at the farm

Following is a list of fruits and vegetables harvested at the farm:


There are multiple fields of strawberries available at the farm where you can visit and pick up the fresh ones according to your taste.


Just like strawberries, multiple fields of raspberries offer the visitors to enjoy their visit and, at the same time, can pick-up the fresh raspberries.


If you ever tasted fresh tomatoes, then you must have noted that there’s a huge difference in the taste of fresh ones and the packed ones. At ferme chez mario, you can pick-up the fresh tomatoes from the fields.


There are multiple varieties of peppers available at the farm, and you can always pick-up the ones that are most appealing to you.


You can get the perfect and fresh Roman beans from the farm. Roman beans available at these farm have a completely different and tastier flavor than the ones that we usually get from the stores.


There are multiple types of onions available at the farm, and you can pick up the ones that you like the most. These onions have no comparison in the flavor and taste.


If you are a zucchini noodles lover or you like its taste in every way, then this farm is your ultimate place to visit as it offers the freshly grown zucchini.


The most refreshing purple color of eggplant is available at these farm that are very tasty too.

The information provided in the article can get changed. For the latest information, visit ferme chez Mario website.

Location: 2025, rang St-Simon, Sainte-Madeleine, (Qc) J0H 1S0

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