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Since 2005, the Balnea spa is famous for delivering exceptional spa services to clients in Quebec. It has a contemporary design along with the most relaxing ambiance that attracts maximum people to this site, closest to nature.
Spa services are not as easy as they seem. People always prefer getting treatments from professionals who understand the chemistry of our bodies. This spa has the most beautiful sceneries around the whole area that are a cause of mental relaxation for many people. It offers treatments and services.

Treatments and services at the Balnea spa
Following is a list of treatments and services offered by the spa:

Thermal experience

Water and humans have some mysterious connection, and it implies to the thermal experience of spa. With the altering water temperatures, you can get the best and most relaxing treatment of your life here. It will relax your mind and body with the help of water available at multiple locations in the spa.

Body massages

If we think of body massages as a special piece of art, then it will be the perfect name for the massages. The team of professionals available at the Balnea spa will give you the most relaxing massage that will eliminate all the tensions in your muscles, and help you revive. What else a person needs after a long tiring day when such body massages are available near to them.

Face care

Due to long working hours and hectic routines, we usually forget about the care that our face needs. Therefore, this spa is offering the most amazing face care services that include relaxing massages and facials that will relax every muscle of your face and help you revive the glass skin that you had years before.

Mani and pedis

Other than the face, arms, and legs, our hands and feet also need some special attention to look amazing. At the balnea spa, you will not only get the relaxing body massages, but the most amazing mani and Pedi services are also available that will help you in getting the soft and beautiful hands and feet.

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