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Want an amazing vacation spot? Visit Strom spa


The Strom spa that offers some amazing moments in the most comfortable and silent environment.
One of the most amazing qualities of this spa includes a warm and silent atmosphere, along with the mesmerizing views of nature. It is a great opportunity to connect you with the roots and purity of nature. The beautiful windows of the spa are available for highlighting the wild nature while you’re getting the most relaxing services ever. It offers multiple services and treatments.

Services and treatments offered by Strom spa

Following is a list of services and treatments:

Thermal experience

Thermotherapy is an ancient treatment that has a history of past thousands of years. This therapy is based on water and hence is known as thermal experience. The external use of water for this therapy is meant to be used for therapeutic purposes. In addition to this, the water has a continuously altering temperature and has many benefits. One of the most highlighted benefits of this experience is, it is very helpful for reducing the stress and reviving the body no matter what time of the year it is. The spa has steam baths and outdoor whirlpools available for this kind of spa treatment.


Massotherapy has a significant impact on the body and mind as it provides adequate energy and balance to the person. Strom spa has professional therapists that will provide the most massotherapy session to the visitors. In addition to the relaxation of body and mind, it will dissolve the muscular tension due to the rapid increase in the circulation of blood. With some unique and classic methods of massage, the experts will ensure that your body has released all the tensions.

Beauty treatments

The beauty treatments available at the spa comprises of some face, body, hand, and feet treatments. The best thing about these treatments is, it will enhance the natural beauty of the skin while maintaining the perfect skin texture, and not damaging the external layer of your skin.

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