Arms workout

Ultimate arms workout plan for men


In this article, we will discuss the ultimate arms workout plan for men. It will help every guy who wants to have strong arm muscles.

Nothing can attract someone so quickly, like a perfect and toned body. Men in our society are very concerned about their arm muscles, while girls prefer to have a toned body. By keeping this aspect in mind, we have opted out some arms workout plans for men that will have quick results. 

 List of ultimate arms workout plan for men 

 Following are the most beneficial plans for building up the arm muscles of men:

Cable rope triceps

For this exercise, the person must attach a cable rope to the exercise machine, and adjust the weight that is suitable for his body type. However, the weight should be heavy enough for the person. After that, the person has to stand two feet away from the machine with his face facing the machine and hold both ends of the rope in both hands. With the elbows that are tucked to the torso, the person has to pull the rope in a way that his arms are stretched and extend them down to the position of maximum extension of the rope. This is a perfect position, and the person should go back to the starting position slowly by squeezing his triceps. The exercise should be repeated fifteen times to get the perfect results. 

Arms workout

Dumbbell kickbacks

For this exercise, the person needs dumbbells and a bench. For perfect position, align his left knee and hand on the bench, and right leg on the floor. In this position, he has to hold the dumbbell in his right hand and straighten his back. After that, bend the right leg to lift the right arm with the dumbbell. Keep in mind that his forearm must be perpendicular to the floor for the perfect position. Extend the arm backward in a way that it must be parallel with his body. Repeat the same with the left arm as well. This exercise must be repeated ten times a day.  

Bicep curls 

It is also an arms workout that has the use of dumbbells. For achieving the perfect position, the person has to hold one dumbbell in each hand. By keeping the legs apart at shoulder distance, and tucking the elbow so that the upper portion of one arm must be parallel with the torso, bend the arm in a way that the dumbbell must reach to your shoulder. Lower down the arm, and repeat the same with the second arm. This must be repeated ten times in a row. 


A pull-up bar is a must for this exercise. You have to hold on to the bar in a way that the arms are shoulder-width away from each other. With the straight legs, use the arms to lift yourself, so your head is over that pull-up bar. Hold on for two to three seconds, and then slowly come back to the starting position. This must be repeated three to five times for the perfect results. 

Any man can achieve the arm muscles of his requirements by following the above mentioned, the ultimate arms workout plan for men. 

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