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Top brands for fashion face masks


Fashion face masks are a need of the year 2020. Just like many other trends, face masks are also a trend that originated from the current situation of the world. 

Face masks are a necessity of every person in today’s world. Many top brands have invested in unique face masks that people can use without getting irritated. Also, brands that are facing the downside of their business due to the current situation are now earning through the latest designs of face masks.

In this article, we have combined some top brands that are popular in making beautiful and unique face masks.

 List of brands famous for making fashion face masks

Following are some famous brands: 

Annie 50

Annie 50 is a famous women brand that has a huge variety of materials, styles and colors. It is a Canadian brand that prepares all of its stuff in Quebec. Due to the pandemic situation, this brand has launched face masks of various colors and attractive prints.  Fashion face masks

Bien Aller

Bien Aller is a brand that is determined for making people aware of the consequences that the world is facing for not wearing masks. For this purpose, the brand has launched its face masks that have two types, one is with filter, and the other is without filter. Fashion face masks


Kanuk brand has also launched its face masks with unique style. They are famous for making face masks for adults and for children as well. 

Au Noir

Anyone in Canada who’s in search of variety of face masks with economical prices can visit Au Noir. This brand is making masks with a variety of prints and colors.  Fashion face masks


Pony is another Canadian brand famous for making face masks brands that have text or animated characters over them. They also have some plan or different print masks, but the masks with text and animated characters are highly famous among people in Canada.

Fashion face masks are one of the trends that are the necessity of the time. However, due to their uniqueness, they are gaining popularity among people. 

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