Fashion clothing brands

Top 5 fashion clothing brands in the world


Fashion clothing brands have a significant influence on our lives. Intentionally or unintentionally, almost all of us got affected by the fashion trends in our society. 

 Many years ago, at the time of human evolution, people didn’t wear clothes at all. It may seem odd now, but it was normal at that time. However, as time passes by, they think of covering themselves. At first, they had used leaves from trees, and later on, clothes invented. Coming to the point, history says that the clothing industry is one of the ancient industries in the world, and is evolving with every passing year. Today, we will discuss some top of the list of clothing brands in the world.

Top fashion clothing brands

Following are the fashion clothing brands that are very popular around the globe:

1. Armani

Armani is one of the top lists brands that are very famous around the world due to its luxurious fabric and outstanding stitching. Most of the Hollywood stars are the regular customers of Armani. Other than clothes, the brand has also introduced bags, perfumes, and much more. 

Fashion clothing brands

2. House of Versace

It is an Italian company that came into existence in 1978. It is very famous for its vivid prints and iconic gowns. Versace is also among those brands that are at the priority of many celebrities. Including undergarments, the company has introduced many types of clothes. 

Fashion clothing brands

3. Burberry

 A British company with a royal warrant is Burberry. It is very famous due to its innovations and unique styles. Burberry has some fabric prints that are incredibly famous across the globe. Other than clothing, the company has introduced some most expensive skincare range. 

Fashion clothing brands

4. Gucci

The company is famous for providing quality, assured clothing. Many Gucci clothes are famous for wearing at red carpet events. Other than clothes, it is also renowned for its leather handbags.

5. Prada

An Italian leather manufacturer has launched Prada. The brand is famous for its clothes that have unique and amazing styles. Every girl wishes to shop for clothes and bags from Prada.

The above-mentioned fashion clothing brands have a separate space in the fashion world due to their outstanding and luxury collection. 

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