The most delicious pre-workout beet shot

The most delicious pre-workout beet shot


Beet is a treasure hunt with many hidden essential nutrients that are perfect for our bodies. The pre-workout beet shot is the most healthy and delicious energy drink.

 By first reading about the word, beet shot, you must be thinking that it must be an energy drink with a bit of beet flavor. However, you are not right. This beet shot is a home-made recipe with the power to shake your taste buds right before the hectic workout routine. Besides the delicious taste, it has many hidden nutrients, which are very healthy for your body. 

Before the workout, we all need some energy drinks that give us an instant boost and energy to cope with the whole workout session. Usually, energy shots and energy drinks are not that good in taste. However, they are healthy and beneficial for us, so we grab them to satisfy our need for energy. What if an energy drink or energy shot is equally delicious as it is healthy? Out secret and perfect recipe of beet, the shot is the one energy shot that you always desire for, and the best thing is, you can easily prepare it at your home before the workout.

Recipe of pre-workout beet shot

Preparation time: 5 minutes        Serving: One person


Cold coconut water: Half cup

Beet juice: 1/8 cup

Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon

Lemon Lime Vega sports sugar-free energizer: 1 serving

Ice: According to your taste


Take a blender to mix all the ingredients well. You can mix them with hand beater too if you don’t have a blender. However, a blender works pretty well, and it takes less time to prepare the drink. Add the liquid stuff, cold coconut water, beet juice, and lemon juice, and give the drink a right mix. 

 After all the ingredients are well combined, the next step is to add one serving of lemon line Vega sports sugar-free energizer. Blend again, and at the end, add the ice cubes, and give the mixture a good mix to combine all things. 

Pre-workout beet shot is the most amazing and healthy pre-workout drink for your body and mind.

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