Best places to visit in Montreal

The best places to visit in Montreal in 2020


There are many best places to visit in Montreal, but the top ones for the year 2020 are magical. These are some of the top-rated tourist attractions.

 Montreal is a city of Canada where people are proud to speak French. It is the wealthiest city and a hub for trading as well. Many attractive places in Montreal leave tourists mesmerized. In this article, we focus only on Montreal’s tourist attraction that is rated high this year.

List of best places to visit in Montreal:

For the year 2020, Montreal has highlighted its following tourist’s attractions:

Botanical garden

One of the world’s largest botanical gardens is the botanical garden of Montreal. It is the most relaxing place to visit when you are in Montreal. It’s spread over 75 hectares and has many greenhouses. This botanical garden’s uniqueness is its maintenance by the government, and sculptures made of plants that attract many people.

Montreal’s oldest church

 This oldest church of Montreal is named as Notre-dame basilica. Montreal is divided into old and new Montreal, and this church is located in the old part of the city. The extraordinary thing about this church is its interior and structure that can mesmerize every person who visits this place. 

Biosphere as one of the best places to visit in Montreal

The biosphere is one of the places in Montreal that attract many tourists due to its structure. It is an environmental museum that has a sphere-like structure. It has the honor to be included on the passport of Montreal. 

St. Mary Queen of the world

Best places to visit in Montreal

It is one of the oldest built churches in the world. It has the honor of 13 massive statues of different saints of Montreal. This church is full of old things that are represented at every angle of the building. The most beautiful part of the church is its interior that is unique and classy.

Tourists around the world come to this city for the best places to visit in Montreal. The historical development, along with modern touches, has given this city a sense of attraction that no one can ever beat.

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