The Beginner’s Guide to Free Beauty Products


So, you are new to freebies. You just need to figure out how to get free things in the post. That part is easy. Leave it to us to give you a brief overview of how this freebie business works. 

Free beauty items send right to the letterbox? That sounds too good to be true!

I love makeup, and I constantly look for new ways to save money on all types of beauty products. When I found out that I could get free beauty items delivered through the post, I was captivated by the notion.

It turns out that there are many beauty and makeup items being delivered to UK households for free. These include perfumes, cosmetics, hair products and toiletries. Freebies are an excellent way to test new and exciting brands without leaving your home or spending a penny.

I started using Free Stuff Canada to get free makeup and beauty items. Here are some of the freebies I have received!

Why would beauty companies send their items away for free?

When potential consumers can try items before they buy them, beauty companies get lots of valuable marketing information when they send freebies. They do not need to involve any middlemen. They can get opinions, reviews, and comments about new products straight from the people they intend to sell these products to. With social media, these companies can get instant comments, concerns, and questions from new customers immediately.

Please, tell me how to get free beauty items!

If you sign up to their newsletter you will receive their daily email and get eight new freebie offers. These include samples, free giveaways, and competitions. When I signed up I got freebie offers and vouchers the very next day.

Also, I recommend signing up for the WhatsApp alert. Free Stuff Ca sends out the freebie notices here for items that are sure to run out fast.  When I signed up for WhatsApp alerts I got:

Free Argan Hand Wash

Free YOLO Perfume

Free Céla Body Cream

Free Love Beauty & Planet Shampoo & Conditioner

Free Schmidt’s Coconut Deodorant

Free Nestlé Baby Bundle

Free L’Oreal Paris Eye Cream

And so much more!

Can you get other freebies?

Free Stuff Ca makes it possible to try more than free beauty items. You can also check out freebies for Food and Drink, Baby and Kids, and Pets. There is a free offer for literally everyone in your household.

The freebies are fun, there is no questioning this. But, it turns out they also help you save money and learn quick tips and tricks to earn more money and become a smarter consumer. Any time I plan to head out to dinner, I take a quick look at the Restaurant Voucher page. I just select a Free Days Out offer and get ready to look forward to a fun, free day with the family. 

I have had a brilliant time with the Free Stuff CA website. Since I first wrote about it, I have received free teabags, a tea towel, face wipes and wonderful perfume samples. One of them I liked so much that I had to run out and buy a full-sized version!

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