Quebec’s largest fitness club Econofitness


If you are searching for the largest and most affordable self-service fitness club in Quebec, then econofitness will be your ultimate choice. The main aim of this fitness club is to provide a gym at an economical rate that is affordable for everyone. In addition to this, the club offers a downloadable training program that one can enjoy for cardio and strength training exercises at his own pace.
Also, the fitness classes will help in providing better health to the members of more than 200 virtual classes via lifting, dancing, cycling, and stretching.

Benefits of joining econofitness

Following is a list of benefits that one can enjoy after joining the fitness club:

– Very economical rates so that everyone can get the benefit
– The quality of equipment is beyond perfection and is available to everyone
– The environment is safe and free of any sort of judgments
– There are around 70 gyms available in Quebec.
– The club is offering virtual fitness classes in groups, and people can enjoy the benefits of indoor cycling.
– There are not any extra charges or hidden fees that will make you upset afterward.
– There are more than $1000 discounts available from the most popular brands.

Membership options

Following are the membership plans available for the members of econofitness:

Weekend plan
As the name says, the weekend plan is not for the whole week. Instead, it is applicable through Thursday to Sunday. It is very economical, and charge only $129.75 a year of $4.99 bi-weekly. It involves unlimited virtual group fitness classes and virtual indoor cycling classes, access to 30- minutes express circuit, over $1000 of exclusive discounts, and much more.

ECONO plan
It is available for $155.75 a year or at $5.99 bi-weekly. It involves unlimited virtual group fitness classes and virtual indoor cycling classes, access to 30-minutes express circuit, over $1000 of exclusive discounts, training programs according to your goals, and much more.

Platinum plan
This plan is available for $259.75 per year, or one can get it for $9.99 bi-weekly. It includes seven days a week. Along with the above-mentioned services in the above both packages, it provides unlimited use of massage chairs, unlimited use of hydromassage beds, unlimited use of tanning equipment, and unlimited access to all the gyms to the users.

Extra** plan
Extra** plan is available for $311.75 per year, or people can get it for $11.99 at bi-weekly rates. In addition to the above services of all the other plans, it provides unlimited Live group fitness classes, and share your membership card option to the users.

There are many exclusive discounts and other benefits available at econofitness for the people so that they can achieve their goals.

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