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Orange theory fitness: The smartest workout


With around 1000 studios open for serving people, Orange theory is dedicated to serving people through the smartest workout routine. One can reserve the classes through the application at Orange theory fitness.

Multiple colors heart rate monitors in orange theory and their meaning

Frequently you can spot joggers in the city with bands on their wrist that they continuously gaze while running. Orange theory fitness won’t work this way. They have the most experienced coaches that will guide the people about five different heart rate zones. These zones are named as resting zone, easy zone, challenging zone, uncomfortable zone, and All out zone.

These zones are considered the best when it comes to guiding the people about when to push harder and when to pull back for some rest. The ultimate goal of this theory is to spend around 12 minutes with a higher heart rate. The reason behind this technique is to boost metabolism so that you will be able to burn more fat and calories in the minimum duration.

The heart rate zones are highlighted through some pretty colors, which have the following meaning:

Gray zone: It is a 50-60% heart rate that is least strenuous and most comfortable.

Blue zone: It is a 61-70% heart rate that is a sign of body warm-up before a workout.

Green zone: It is a 71-83% heart rate that is a doable pace where your body starts burning fats and carbohydrates by staying in the state for 20 to 30 minutes.

Orange zone: It is an 84-91% heart rate that is known as an orange effect where your body starts burning maximum fats and carbohydrates by staying in the state for 12 minutes.

Red zone: It is 92-100% heart rate where you apply maximum energy, and shed maximum calories within a minute.

What happens in the class?

Following are the major factors on Orange theory fitness workout class:


The rower is exercise equipment that let is very helpful for improving and strengthening body muscles. It has the power to activate around 85% of your body’s muscles.


After having a jog or walking, you eventually come back to your pace, depending upon your fitness level. The orange theory fitness center also has bikes and striders other than treadmills for this purpose.

Strength training

As the center focuses on varying floor exercises daily so one can focus them based on different body muscles. You can also take help from the coaches about any issue or injury.


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1001 Boulevard de Montarville Boucherville, QC J4B 6R2

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7200 Blvd u Quartier. Suite 40 Brossard, QC J4Y 0B5

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