Matcha tea Montreal

Most popular flavors of Matcha in Montreal


David’s tea is the ultimate place to enjoy a variety of flavors of Matcha in Montreal. Anyone living in Montreal will find this article very informative because we will be covering all the details in this article.

Matcha tea resembles green tea, but unlike green tea leaves, it is in more powdered form. Due to its unique flavor and beautiful aroma, people in Montreal are fond of this tea. 

Matcha tea is available in different flavors that can shake your taste buds. Following is a list:

  • Raspberry Matcha
  • Mango Matcha
  • Lavender honey Matcha
  • Bubble gum Matcha
  • Yuzu Matcha
  • Wild honey Matcha
  • Vanilla Matcha
  • Peach Matcha
  • Grand CRU Matcha
  • Matcha Matsu
  • Maple Matcha
  • Blueberry Matcha 
  • Golden turmeric Matcha

We will discuss a few types and their flavors in this article. 

Raspberry Matcha

Matcha in Montreal

This Matcha flavor has the taste of sweet raspberries that is a perfect treat for raspberry lovers. This flavor of Matcha tea will energize your morning with the help of tasty and juicy flavor of raspberries combined with sugarcane for the perfect sweetness. Also, it will boost your energy levels if you sip it as a pre-workout smoothie. 

Mango Matcha

 For mango lovers, this mango matcha flavor is no less than a cherry on the top. With the uncountable benefits of Matcha tea, you can now enjoy your favorite mango flavor. It is a beautiful mixture of mango flavor, Matcha tea, and pure sugarcane that will vibrate your taste buds. Whether taking it as a tea or as a lassi made with yogurt and mango Matcha powder, it is perfect. 

Matcha in Montreal

Lavender honey Matcha

What’s better than a perfect aroma and a sweet flavor? This Matcha flavor has combined the lavender fragrance with the sweetness of honey. After an exhausting day at work, this Matcha tea will refresh your mind and body due to the Lavender fragrance that has a special acid for relaxing your mind and body. 

Bubble gum Matcha

Pure Matcha tea mixed with apple, pineapple, and vanilla flavors gives a refreshing and sweet taste like blue bubble gum. You can have it as an iced latte or even as popsicle to vibrate your taste buds. It has combined the sweetness, fragrance, and taste of blue bubble gums with the Matcha tea to give it a new twist.

Matcha is a form of green tea that has numerous benefits for the health and body. It is an organic product with multiple benefits, flavors and no side effects. 

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