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Hello. My name is John R Ward. I am a professional artist. Born in England in 1946, self-taught and GCE Art in 1963. Moved to Canada in 1967.

Painting and drawing is a way of life for me since my youth, acquiring knowledge, expertise, and experience in the major aspects of the field.

I began my professional career in painting in the early ’80s, using diversified techniques and styles for landscapes, still-lifes, portraits and abstracts. I believe I have a strong drawing base with importance to human form. In the early years I did a concentration on water colour and drawing of local landscapes.

At the dawn of the millennium, I began a new series of contemporary canvases; mainly oils, often portraying the human form. I also began a series on Chinese rice-paper, using water colour and ink, mainly on a figurative theme, ‘Travels of the Bootman’. From about 2018, I pushed forward on a serious renewal in abstract, contemporary work.

As a serious minded artist believing in his imaginative and creative abilities, I think that Life and Art evolves, and i believe i will always do so, myself ! There will always be artists, and as such will commit their skills for their fulfillment and to please others, promoting the recognition of life in all it is depth through Art. I appreciate most creative styles in painting and I have used various ones myself in my work.

Through the diversity, i think each different work influences another, enhancing my skills and supporting my artistic progression. I hope that one day, my different artistic experiences will come together to form something unique, spécial, and exciting.

For any information about my work, contact me by email at 

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