How to choose a credit card and get maximum reward points

How to choose a credit card and get maximum reward points


A credit card can be likened to a sledgehammer. Though it is very useful when used skillfully, it can also be harmful to your finances if it is not used well. A lot of things come into play when considering the type of credit card to use. Most credit cards offer bonuses and perks that make it difficult to choose which one is ideal for you.

However, you may have to decide on the card that offers the most rewards based on your spending pattern. Credit cards make it possible to earn rewards while making purchases. Sounds great right? But you first have to choose the right credit card to maximize these rewards.

Classifications of credit cards

There are different types of credit cards but the most common ones among them are miles, Cashback, and point credit cards.

  • Miles credit card: This type of credit card allows users to earn “miles” while spending. These miles are specifically for air travels and are redeemed as airfare discounts with airlines that collaborate with the credit card company. This type of card is ideal if you travel a lot and want to save some money on airfare.
  • Cashback credit cards: This type of credit card gives you back in cash a percentage of what you spend. Some of these cards offer cashback on specific spending categories such as groceries or gas. The rewards are simple, straightforward forward and paid in cash.
  • Points credit cards: This type of card allows users to earn points while making purchases. These points can then be redeemed as gift cards, make hotel reservations, or used for shopping online. 

How you can maximize rewards from credit cards.

There has been a lot of speculation about the use of credit cards. Credit cards are not evil in themselves if used responsibly. You can maximize the rewards that come with these cards and make the most of your spending by applying some of these tips.

#1. Know your spending habits

Knowing your spending habits is very vital to maximizing credit card rewards. It will help you know the cards that offer rewards for the things you spend more money on. This will help you make the most of such rewards. For instance, if you travel a lot, you will most likely be looking out for credit cards that you can redeem their reward as airfare.

#2. Choose a credit card whose reward is across boards.

While some credit cards reward specific spending categories, you can earn rewards on some cards no matter what you use them for. You can maximize rewards by going for those cards that offer rewards for all manner of spending. What this means is that you will be able to earn rewards whenever you use your card.

#3. Don’t neglect sign-up bonuses

The bonus you get from signing up is another great way of maximizing your credit cards. Many credit card companies offer sign-up bonuses to cardholders when they meet specified criteria after signing up for a card. Some credit cards offer bonuses to card users who spend a particular amount within a specified timeframe. Ensure you read the conditions attached to the bonus and structure your spending to qualify for it.

#4. Maximize all the perks that come with the card.

Aside from rewards, other additional perks are attached to most credit cards. For instance, a miles credit card can also qualify you for access to airport lounges and insurance on luggage if stolen, and the likes. For cards that offer shopping discounts, there may be other perks attached to them. You may have extended warranties and other special offers. Find out all the benefits and maximize them.

Hardbacon Credit Card comparator

Hard Bacon as a company has lived up to its promise of making financial decisions easy for everyone no. With its credit card comparator, deciding on the credit card to sign-up for has become as easy as a walk in the Park. 

Hardbacon comparator not only compares different credit cards. It also shows you the maximum reward you can get from each card annually depending on your spending pattern. To compare your card with others, simply go to Compare credit cards and you will have access to that information.

Wrapping up

Depending on usage, credit card rewards can be a great way to save while you spend. While there are lots of offers available, these tips can give you a good head start in choosing and maximizing credit card rewards.

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