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Get the freshly grown fruits and vegetables at Marche fruit legumes Montreal


The farm has started the journey in 1919 and is located on the South Shore of Montreal. In today’s world, when there are multiple things to do, we should never deny the fact that unhealthy foods have made us obese. What could be the solution? Well, people residing in Montreal have the opportunity to pick-up the freshly grown vegetables and fruits themselves from the famous farm Marche fruit legumes.

What can you pick from Marche fruit legumes Montreal farm?

You can pick:


They are very healthy to consume and have the benefits of giving strength to your heart and lower blood pressure. If you are a strawberry lover, then you can always pick them from the farm at the end of June and at the start of July.


Apple is a very healthy fruit that can provide you the nutrition’s that your body needs. In addition to this, they are helpful for weight loss. You can pick-up the freshly grown apples from the end of August till the start of November at the farm.

Sweet corn

Sweet corn is almost everyone’s favorite due to its delicious flavor and minimum calories and fats. It is very healthy for our bodies. You can get them from the farm at the start of July.

Fresh vegetables

Whether it’s about tomatoes or cucumbers, or some other vegetable, you can get them all from the farm where they are grown with immense care.

Fresh fruit

Almost 185 acres of area in the farm are reserved for freshly grown fruits. You can always pick up the ones that you love to consume.

Other benefits

You can also get the following items from the farm

  • Apple doughnuts on the spot
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Apple pie
  • Apple jelly
  • Apple juice
  • Honeycomb cake
  • Wildflower honey

The information provided in the article can get changed. For the latest information, visit Marche fruit legumes Montreal website.

Location: 8000 Chemin de la Savane, Saint Hubert, (QC) J3Y 83Y9 Timings: 8am to 6pm

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