Quinn farm

Get the delicious fruits and vegetables at Quinn farm


Quinn farm is famous for growing fresh fruits and vegetables. Along with these, they sell groceries that people always love to buy due to the amazing quality.
It all started back in the year 2010 when the owner gets the land from the person who started a farm in 1982, which covers 110 acres of area and worked really hard to remove the trees and shrubs from it. After years of hard work and experimenting with many fruits and vegetables, finally, the area is converted into a big farm where there are multiple varieties of fruits and vegetables available for the public.

Quinn farm and Covid-19

Due to the consequences of Covid-19, the farm owner has decided to run an online store so that people choose their products by staying at home and then pick up the order from the farm. The online store has all the variety that is available to you at the farm.

The government has imposed serious restrictions on the gathering of people. It is the reason they have started the online store before. However, now they slightly open the farm but with some serious SOP’s. For dispersing the crowd, they have decided pre-bookings. You have to book yourself and mention the time and number of people so that no other person can visit the farm at that time. In addition to this, you will be able to get to the farm via the wagon or tractor. Also, only 25 members are allowed after every 15 minutes, and there are strict rules for wearing face masks.

Self-made products from the farm

The farm owner also deals with the products that they make using freshly grown items on the farms. They understand that this situation of Covid-19 has stopped everything, but they always work hard for the clients and strive to provide them the best. It is the reason that their freshly made kinds of vinegar, jams, gluten-free products, and much more are available to the people via the online store.

The information provided in the article can get changed. For the latest information, visit the Quinn farm website.

Location: 2495 Boulevard Perrot, Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, QC J7V 8P4, Canada

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