Chest workouts for men

Five best chest workouts for men


Chest workouts for men are the best way to sculpt their chest, but only if they choose the right workouts for them. 

 Chest muscles are also known as pectoral muscles that are supported by many smaller muscles. A regular chest workout routine will help men maintain a good posture and a better breathing structure. 

Best chest workouts for men

Following is a list:

Bench press

For achieving this position, you should lie down on your back, on a bench, and your feet should be on the ground. The barbell bar should be over your eyes and head. After that, grasp the barbell with both hands so that your thumbs are around the barbell bar. By keeping your elbows and wrists straight, set the position of the bar over your chest. Then, inhale slowly and let that barbell bar touch your chest, and then exhale while pressing the bar upward with straight wrists. Repeat the same process for ten times as a beginner. 

Chest workouts for men

Bent forward cable crossover

For doing this exercise, the person must stand with his feet apart and in a walking position. Your back should be towards the pulley, hold both of the pulley handles, and move your arms in a way that the hands face inwards. Hands must be below the shoulders. Stay in the position for three seconds, and then get back to the starting position. Repeat the set ten times for the best results. 

 Pushups as the best chest workouts for men

To acquire the perfect position, your hands must be on the ground, under your shoulders, and your back must be flat. Your elbows must be close to each other, and then press yourself up. Hold on for three seconds, and then bring your body back to the starting position. You need to repeat it ten times as a beginner. 

Chest press

You will have to lie down on the bench so that your knees are bent, and your feet are on the floor. Next, you have to hold the dumbbells in both hands and push them away from your body so that you exhale, and your arms are straight. While inhaling, pull the dumbbells towards your body, but they should not touch you. You have to repeat the process for five minutes for the best results. Chest workouts for men

Dumbbell flies

For the perfect position, you must have to lie on your back on the bench, and your feet must be on the ground. Hold the dumbbells in both hands, and move them near to your chest with straight wrists and palms should be facing downwards. After that, keeping your arms at shoulder length apart and elbows straight, press the dumbbells just above your chest slowly while exhaling. Then, inhale and lower them to your chest. Remember to keep the dumbbells parallel to each other, and fly them up in the form of an arc. You have to repeat the process fifteen times as a beginner. 

The above-mentioned chest workouts for men have significant results if they choose the right weight, and then perform the right workout by holding the right position. 

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