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Fitness transformation of top 20 celebrities


This article will comprise the fitness transformation of the top 20 celebrities. Not every celebrity in Hollywood is perfect from the start of his or her career. Most of them were over-weighted or skinny. They transformed themselves into their roles in the movies. 

Transforming your body is not an easy task, and the way you do it will have a long-lasting impact on your physical appearance and your health as well. Some celebrities in Hollywood lose their weight by starving, while others do it in a proper way. We will combine the transformation of all of them in this article. 

Fitness transformation of the top 20 celebrities

Following is the list of top 20 Hollywood celebrities that have transformed themselves:

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt has lost 60 pounds with much hard work. He spends three to four hours a day in swimming, running, boxing, and other exercises. Chris also changed his diet to achieve his goal. 

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake has gained 30 pounds to satisfy the needs of his role as a boxer in a movie. He said that he only takes carbohydrates during the day and proteins at night with a tough workout to achieve his goals.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has transformed himself multiple times for the role in different movies. He said he sometimes goes on a strict diet to lose some weight, and sometimes he eats more to gain it. 

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd has spent a major time of his life in maintaining his health. He has done strict diets to shape his body. He eliminated carbohydrates from his diet for an entire year to achieve what he wants. –Fitness transformation

Christian Bale

Christian has lost his weight to around 60 pounds for a character in a movie. After that, he has gained around 100 pounds for another role. He said that it is very hard to transform yourself repeatedly. 

Joe Manganiello

Joe has transformed his bulky body into a perfect man figure with the best abs and muscles after a hard workout and a strict diet. He said that he cut down the calorie intake to achieve his goals. 

Adrien Brody

The achievement of Adrien is his fast weight loss strategy. He has lost 30 pounds in just six weeks for getting a role in a movie. He lifted up heavy weights and cut down all kinds of sugar intake for losing his weight. 

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has lost his weight and made his body perfect after he has joined the music group. He said that he had done serious and hard workouts for achieving a perfect body figure. 

Aubrey Graham

Aubrey Graham is a rapper, and he has decided to lose his body weight and make himself stronger. He said he had done hard exercises along with a strict diet to become perfect. -Fitness transformation –

Jonah Hill

 Jonah Hill was very fat before, and he has lost many pounds for getting the roles in the movies. He said that he had done this with dedication and hard work. 

John Goodman

John Goodman has lost 100 pounds to get his dream body. He said that he had done all this to lead a better life. He has lost his weight by exercising six days a week, and he has done a strict diet too. 

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart wanted to become a muscular man, and he has worked hard for it. He has done this to become an athlete. He has done many hard exercises, along with a strict diet, to achieve his goals. – Fitness transformation –

Drew Carey

Drew Carey was famous due to his achievement of losing 70 pounds in just five months. He said that he has done for his upcoming life, and his diet includes egg whites, yogurt, fruit, and water. 

Michael Moore

Michael Moore has lost 70 pounds to achieve his dream body. He said that he had done all this just for himself because he was fed up with being fat. He got sick due to overweight, and he wanted to lead a healthy life. 

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey has lost his weight and become a healthy person after he was 50 years old. He has done this to become healthy. – Fitness transformation –

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler has worked extremely hard for four months to transform himself the way he wanted to get a role in a movie. 

Bradley cooper

Bradley has transformed himself into a perfect figure for getting a role in the movie. He has worked very hard for it. 

Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail has completely transformed himself into a healthier and attractive figure person. He has done this for a role in a movie. 

Chris Hemsworth

Chris has gained 20 pounds to make himself fit for a role in a movie. He ate protein high foods for gaining weight. 

Kourtney Kardashian

Kardashian is a mom of three, but she has maintained a very healthy and attractive figure. She has lost several pounds, and her routine includes 45 minutes of workout daily.

-Fitness transformation –

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