Aventures Wet Set Mtl

Fasten the seat belts for an amazing river experience with Aventures Wet Set Mtl


Get the most amazing and unique river experience with your family and friend with Aventures Wet Set Mtl. It is an experience to never forget.
What’s better than roaming around in the river with jet-ski experience? A thrilling experience, is the brand new opportunity to explore the beauty of the city. The company is offering a variety of packages from which one can choose according to his requirements. It’s one of the best opportunities for adding a dose of excitement to your boring summers.

Packages along with charges at Aventures Wet Set Mtl

Following are the packages offered:

Motomarine package

What’s better than enjoying the long hot days of summers in the chilling cold water, and enjoying the motomarine rides? You can enjoy all of these activities on your trip to Aventures Wet Set Mtl.

30 minutes: $ 70.00
1h : $ 115.00
2h : $ 215.00
3h: $ 240.00 + gasoline
6h: $ 390.00 + gasoline
Fireworks output: $ 145.00

Tourist boat ride package

Boat rides are always fun. They not only make you feel flying over the river but at the same time are one of the thrilling activities that everyone once wants to try in their lives. The tourist boat ride package available here is extremely pocket friendly.

30 minutes: $ 15.00
1h : $ 30.00
2h: $ 55.00

Private boat with captain package

Whether it’s about a group of friends who want to enjoy their privacy or it’s about a romantic couple who just want to spend some romantic time together, nothing can beat the private boat ride available at Aventures Wet Set Mtl. In addition to this, this ride includes a captain.

1h: $ 245.00
2h: $ 365.00
3h: $ 495.00
4h: $ 625.00

The information provided in the article can get changed. For the latest information, visit Aventures Wet Set Mtl website.


From July 1st to September 7th: Every day form 11 am to 8 pm*

*depending on weather conditions      


514.701.WET7 (9387)





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