Maison Lavande

Enjoy the beauty of nature at Maison Lavande


Maison Lavande is the result of the joining among Nancie and Daniel and the adoration they share for lavender and business enterprise. They were looking for another planting undertaking to supplant their apple plantation, and there they got the idea of developing lavender fields in Southern France, in the year 2006.

 Today, the privately-run company offers in excess of 100 individual considerations, home, and feels scent items along with many gourmet items in five shops that are continuously prepared to share the numerous ideals and advantages of lavender.

Lavender at Maison lavande

Lavender is known for its relaxing qualities, striking shading, and wonderful scent. However, in addition to its tranquil character lies a perpetual bush with germ-free, antibacterial, recuperating, hostile to infective, and improving properties.

Lavender develops well in Quebec when the correct assortments are chosen, which means the hardiest ones. Snow can even turn into its partner and fill in as a layer of protection, shielding it from winter. A ton of affection and difficult work convey the guarantee of splendid, fragrant blooms for two to about six months in the mid-year.

Regardless of whether lavender follows its birthplaces to the Mediterranean coast, it can never develop in the cool Quebec winters. A few cultivars even flourish in our atmosphere.

Lavender is an anti-agent against bugs and doesn’t really pull in creatures. Lavender doesn’t have a ton of predators. Its development for a huge scope, in any case, presents a few difficulties. For our situation, we are additionally squeezing you to offer the most beautiful scene conceivable. Weeding is, in this manner, a work to be done determinedly. We are pleased to have built up a steam weeder with a specialist from the district. Because of the machinery, we can accomplish the work without a herbicide, in a solid and environmental way.


We have a huge variety of Lavender products available at Maison lavande. From the laundry detergent to the air freshener, and from the oil to the all-purpose cleaner, we have almost every kind of product available that is attracting a huge crowd across the globe.

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