Electric Surfboard and how it works


Finding the right waves that would be suitable for surfing has been the major concern of many surfers because surfing as a sport depends so much on waves. And since it is difficult to control nature, your surfing experience may be compromised by them.

So many times, surfers go from one place to another in search of the perfect wave for surfing. Sometimes, the oceans can stay flat for months without any sign of a wave. In the past, this may mean that surfers may need to wait until the waves come. But this is not the case anymore with the coming of electric surfboard into the scene.

Electric surfboard make it possible for surfers to carry on their sport without having to wait for the perfect wave. Electric surfboard have changed the narrative of the sport by making it possible to surf no matter the condition of the tides. If you love surfing but find yourself in a place where there are no waves, investing in a motorized surfboard is vital.

What is an e-surfboard?

E-surfboard is a type of surfboard that has engine that are powered by a battery. This makes it possible for the surfboard to glide on the water with little input from the surfer. E-surfboard come in different shapes, and sizes. The functions may also differ based on specific needs.

Some electric surfboard is designed for easier paddling. Others are designed to easily catch waves while some make it easy to surf where there are no waves. With an e-surfboard in your possession, you cannot go wrong in your surfing adventure.

How e-surfboard work

Finding the right wave to ride seems to be the most challenging task for surfers. Coupled with the fact that waves are natural elements, man has little or no control over them. For most surfers, the absence of a wave can hinder the performance of surfers in the sport.

With the aid of an inbuilt electric motor that is powered by a rechargeable battery, riders surfing with an electric surfboard is pushed through the water with little or no extra effort from their end. The electric motor makes it possible to use an electric surfboard in lakes, seas, rivers, as well as calm surf.

In the structure as well as design, an electric surfboard may be mistaken for a traditional one. However, on closer look, you may discover that this piece of equipment has an independent power source. The power sources may either come in the form of a propeller or Jet Stream. The power source is powered by rechargeable batteries.

The functioning of an electric surfboard depends so much on what the manufacturer built into the equipment. Not with standing the uniqueness in features based on the manufacturer’s preference, electric surfboard is generally powered by rechargeable batteries.

The engine of the surfboard is located at the rear end. The positioning of the engine at the rear end makes it possible for the surfboard to easily move on the water as the propeller pushes it forward. The surfboard can also be accelerated with the aid of a wireless remote.

Benefits of electric surfboard

There are many benefits associated with using an electric surfboard as opposed to a gas-powered surfboard. Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy maintenance: Maintaining an electric surfboard is easy. The engine of an e-surfboard is watertight thereby limiting the number of times the equipment has to be serviced. The maintenance needed for the equipment includes battery lubrication after use to prevent corrosion.
  • Releases no gases: with an electric surfboard, you can bypass the possibility of air and water pollution. Electric surfboard is environmentally safe as they do not release any emissions in the air or gases into the ocean. Another benefit of this equipment over the gas surfboard is that it silently glides on the water without generating noise. This makes it possible for riders to enjoy themselves without inconveniencing other sea users with the noise.
  • No restrictions of uses: As a result of the water, air, and noise pollution caused by gas surfboards, the use is usually restricted in some places. In some countries, essence surfboards are prohibited on lakes and seas. However, electric surfboard is free of emission and therefore safer for the environment and as a result, have lesser restrictions.
  • More speed: In terms of acceleration, electric surfboard have more speed than their gas counterparts. This is primarily because this equipment has fewer moving parts.

Things to Consider Before buying an electric surfboard

There are several things to consider before buying an electric surfboard. So many electric surfboard from different manufacturers are available in the market. Finding the right one for you can be quite challenging when there are lots of options to choose from. However, before you buy an electric surfboard, consider the following:

#1. The weight of the rider

Your weight will go a long way to determine the type of electric surfboard to buy. Surfboards to be used by heavy persons will require more power and increased battery cells. This will help to increase the level of heat management in the system. The higher the power of the surfboards, the more costly the machine will be.

The kind of surfing you would want to do also goes a long way to determine the type of engine power you will require. Surfboards that run long distances in water will require more engine power. Find out if a jet-powered engine will meet your needs more than a propeller-powered engine and go for it.

#2. The type of board it is made of

Electric surfboard come in different sizes, as well as forms. The boards can be either long or short, foil or SUP. Therefore, ensure you go for what works for you. Electric SUP is best for slow cruising on the water. So, if you have little kids you would want to take along on your surfing adventure, SUP will be more suitable for you.

If however, you are the adventurous type and would want to make sharp turns and twists while surfing at a high speed, foil will work perfectly. The type of experience you want to have will determine the type of board to go for.

#3. The shape of the board

A lot of factors may determine the shape of a surfboard to buy. Some of the things to consider while deciding on the shape of the surfboard are your weight, the type of surfing experience you want to have, as well as the type of water you would surf on.

While some boards are flat, others are either oval or square. If you plan on surfing on the lake, it would be better to go for a flat board. An oval board will be best suited for the ocean where there may be twists and turns. Remember to consider your needs before making a choice.

#4. The type of body

The body of an electric surfboard can either be inflatable or solid. A solid board will perform better on waves and have higher acceleration than its inflatable counterpart. However, solid surfboards are heavier, unlike inflatable surfboards that are lighter thereby aid easy transportation and storage.


Electric surfboard have introduced varied ways of exploring the waves. Would you want to get one of these powerful pieces of equipment? Then check it out here.

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