Discover the most amazing varieties of honey at Intermiel


Intermiel honey is accessible at the farm and on the racks of your preferred market all year. You can undoubtedly spot it; simply search for the containers with the flowers on the tops! 

 Every one of our kinds of honey is normal and non purified, which jelly nutrients and wholesome properties. Appreciate the full kind of our fluid or velvety jars of honey and find the nuances of our different assortments of flower source, for example, buckwheat, clover, brilliant pole, blueberry, apple, and numerous others. Has your honey gotten solidified? Dread not! It’s typical for non-sanitized fluid honey to get solidified with time. However, it is still acceptable. Warming the container in a twofold evaporator for a couple of moments brings back its unique surface. Remember that honey is a durable food.

Our business

We welcome more than 100,000 guests every year to its nation domain, where a variety of terroir items and wonder youthful and old are the same. 

On our charming site, you can find a gourmet boutique, a tasting bar, an instructive stay with a mass of bees, a historical center, a small scale farm, a play area, and an outing zone. Guardians with strollers or individuals with decreased versatility can undoubtedly get to the different exercises.

Aplifore care products at Intermiel

Find the best body-care results of our Apiflore range. Altogether common, Apiflore items have the conditioning, saturating, and recovering ethics of honey. Detailed from a blend of honey, regal jam, dust, propolis, beeswax, and plant separates. These items are intended to give your skin ideal hydration levels.

In addition to the body care range, we have also introduced artisanal beverages. The Macle family have begun its creation of high-quality drinks during the 90s. The family’s inventive soul, joined with its oenologist’s skill, has permitted it to win numerous prizes as the years progressed. 

From the full line of meads to the maple mixers with maple liquor and ice juices, every item is gotten exclusively from the crude materials of the farm and is made on Intermiel’s premises, consequently guaranteeing full control of creation quality. The fundamental qualities we look for our items are innovation, equalization, and delicacy.

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