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Dakhla City in Morocco


Dakhla City is one of the most popular tourist locations in Morocco. The city is indeed a beauty to behold as it borders the Sahara desert.

The beautiful coast located in the center of the city has made it a commercial hub for fishing activities and transportation.

If you are looking for a place with mild weather, then Dakhla city is the perfect match for you. In the summer, the heat is very mild, while the cold during the winter is moderate.

The closeness of the city to the desert makes it a home of very few trees. However, the Canary Current acts as a boost to sea life in the city. The major occupation of the residents in Dakhla city is fishing. Dakhla is the home of different kinds of birds as well as land and sea animals. If you are looking for a taste of the Moroccan goodness, the city of Dakhla is a good place to start.

Places and activities to do in Dakhla

#1. Dakhla Peninsula Monument

If you are looking for a cool and quiet place free from the hustle and bustle that is associated with a big city, the Peninsula monument in Dakhla city is the right place for you. This big square has become a reading hub for most students because of the serenity of the environment. To make the most of the serenity of the Peninsula monument, take a book along with you when visiting.

#2. A tour through the oldest part of the city.

Dakhla started as a small city and expanded with time. However, the city has managed to maintain its old parts which are of course beautiful to behold. So while you are in the city, take a tour through these old parts. You may find it a little challenging to locate without the help of a tour guard. However, if you do find the place, it will be a worthwhile venture.

#3. Kitesurfing

One of the familiar sights you will see in the city near the lagoon are tourists kitesurfing. Practicing kitesurfing can be one of the memories you will treasure in your visit to Dakhla. The games are affordable so you don’t need to worry about paying a premium if you have limited funds.

#4. Spanish Cathedral

Your visit to Dakhla is not complete until you have visited and taken a snapshot of this piece of edifice. You may not be able to enter inside because the cathedral is not in use currently. However, the exterior view is magnificent and an excellent place to take beautiful snapshots that you can keep as souvenirs.

#5. Dakhla Seafront

Have you ever wondered what sunrise will look like in Dakhla? The seafront is the perfect spot to witness that magic. You can also swim here in the evening or take a walk. The seafront is another place where you can have some quiet moments free from noise.


There are so many other places of interest in Dakhla city that you should see. So when marking your travel itinerary, remember that the city of Dakhla holds so much promise.

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