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    Born Tough aims to push the sportswear industry forward, one product at a time. While traditional sportswear is ugly and mismatched, our products are minimalistic yet bold. While traditional sportswear is oversized and disproportional, BT products are designed to fit like a glove, with deep regard for the proportionalities of a human body. And while traditional sportswear is an embarrassment even in a gym, we aim to make apparel that looks as good at your local coffee shop, as it does in your local CrossFit gym.
    Professional dance group / Personal trainer / whirling dance / persian dance / Ribbon dance /Zumba intructor
    @Coach.Surf.Paddle.Darbouazza · Entraîneur
    I’m Maureen, Lotus Kitty’s resident yogi and wellness expert.
    Galaxie Rouge/ Red Galaxy provides printing services such as Custom apparel printing, Business cards and Promotional Items.
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