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Best designer watches for the Fashion 2020


People not only wear watches for looking at the time. Instead, different brands of watches made them a symbol of class. We will cover the details of the 15 best designer watches for the Fashion 2020. 

Most of us are a huge fan of watches and spend hundreds of dollars buying them to satisfy our cravings. If you are searching for watches that are classy and took over the hearts of millions, then this article is perfect for you. We will cover the details of top watches brands that will make you fall in love with their masterpieces.

15 best designer watches for the fashion 2020

Following is a list of best designer watches:

Audemars Piguet


The honor of creating the first steel luxury sports watch goes to Audemars Piguet. They produce more than 36K watches every year, which means they have a great sale of watches. This brand also created the first over-sized watch that they named as Royal Oak Offshore.

Patek Philippe


Patek Philippe is a Swiss brand of watches. They are famous among many people due to the complexity of mechanics, and traditional watch styling techniques. They started their company back in 1851, and since then, they are very famous among people. 



Chopard is another Swiss watch company. They have created masterpieces of watches that are very famous among people. Chopard is also famous for creating beautiful jewelry. The best part about their watches is their detailing toward which they give special attention. 



Almost every watch lover is familiar with the name Rolex. If we call it the king of watches, we will not be wrong. The reason behind its popularity is the unique and classic designs. Rolex has the honor of the world’s most powerful global brands. 



Panerai is an Italian watch company. The reason behind the popularity of Panerai created watches is their simple and bold designs. Panerai started its career back in 1860. Due to its best designs, it is still very famous among a huge crowd. 

Hublot the best designer watches


Hublot is a younger watch brand as compared to many famous watch brands. However, due to its unique designs and comfortable to wear characteristics, it has gained popularity among many people in very less time, and its popularity is increasing with every passing year. 



Cartier is the most famous watch brand that also creates jewelry. The reason behind its popularity is its high demand in the industry. Cartier watches speak themselves due to their unique and classy styles that no other brand has.

Piaget SA


Piaget SA has started the career from Switzerland. The watches of this brand have unique materials and are very famous due to their thinner styles. The dials of their watches are usually made up of precious stones that make them more popular among many people. 

Bell & Ross


Just like Hublot, Bell & Ross is also not a very old brand of watches. It is very popular watch brand The reason behind it is the classic designs of their watches. Another major reason behind its popularity is its square-shaped watch dials. 



Bremont is not a very old watch company. It started its business in 2002. The unique thing about this brand is, the owners have not expanded it to the whole world. It is a British company and is highly famous due to its unique watch designs. 



Omega is a Swiss watch brand. The best thing about this brand is, it has kept alive the historical designs, and just given them a modern touch. Omega watches are very popular in the people of every generation. 

Tag Heuer the best designer watches


Tag Heuer is a Swiss company that produces extraordinary watches, eyewear glasses, accessories, and mobile phones. They have the most decent and unique watch designs that people love to buy. 

Baume & Mercier


If you are a watch lover, and you are in the search for watches that are stylish, comfortable to wear, classy, and not heavy on the pocket, then Baume & Mercier is the perfect choice for you. It has the most classy and attractive watches at a very reasonable price.



If you are a lover of fountain pens, then you must be thinking, isn’t Montblanc famous for fountain pens. You’re absolutely right. Montblanc creates exceptional fountain pens, but it is the creator of exceptional watches too. Watches created by Montblanc are unique in every way. 



Tudor is a secondary brand of Rolex. People who want to spend less on watches but want exceptional quality are huge fans of Tudor.

Watches have a huge variety, but the best of them speak themselves. We have covered the 15 best designer watches for the Fashion 2020 in this article. 

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