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We will cover all about the best barbershops in Montreal. The fact is, we all need a haircut or trimming at some point, even if we are planning for long hair or long beard. 

Head hair or beard hair trimming is not an easy task that everyone can do at home. is the major cause behind our visits to the barbershops. However, we feel very confused about choosing the best barbershop in our area. Therefore, I have done detailed research about the barbershops in Montreal, and finally, I have made a list of best barbershops for the people of Montreal. 

List of best barbershops in Montreal

Following is the list of best barbershops for men in Montreal:

Fade2Brooklyn barbershop

(Instagram: @fade2brooklynmtl)

Fade2Brooklyn is a barbershop in Montreal, Canada. They provide different trimming and cutting services to men in that area. The most outstanding services that they offer to men are beard shaving, beard trimming, beard outline, haircutting, and hairstyling.  – Barbershops Montreal –

The common room barbershop


The common room barbershop is one of the finest barbershops in Montreal. They have a professional staff, and that is the reason behind their positive rating in Montreal. They offer services like beard trimming, hair cutting, old fashioned hot towel shaving, etc. to the people of Montreal. 

Blue dog barbershop

(Instagram: @bluedogbarbershop)

Blue dog barbershop is offering a variety of haircuts and beard styles to the people of Montreal. They are famous for their outstanding ambiance and professional staff. The services that they offer to their clients involve beard shaping and trimming, hair cutting, etc. 

Montallegro barbershop


The most interesting and attractive thing Montallegro barbershop is their ambiance. They have created an old-fashioned ambiance of their shop that has attracted many people towards them. Their services include beard shaving, beard trimming, haircutting, and much more. –

La section barbershop


 La section barbershop is offering different packages to its clients, and due to this, many people are attracting towards them. The reason is, they offer packages that involve more than one service, and is not heavy on the pocket as well. 

Andie’s barbershop


The unique factor about Andie’s barbershop is, it has all the female staff. The barbershop offers amazing discounts to customers on different occasions like father’s day. It is one of the best gifts that you can give to your man, brother, or father on their birthdays or anniversaries. 

G&G barbershop


G&G barbershop is offering the best services to the men in Montreal. The best thing about G&G barbershop is their comfortable environment. They offer different services like haircuts, line up, beard shave, beard trim, hot towel shave, and much more. 

Figaro barbershop


Figaro barbershop has the main outlet in Portugal, and now they are operating in Montreal. The most attractive thing about this shop is its origin. The founder has done this job due to his passion, and now it has risen to the heights of famousness due to the outstanding services and staff. 

Frank & Oak barbershop


Frank & Oak is a men barbershop in Montreal. It is more of a lounge or building than a shop because it has three stories, and it covers a huge area. The services offered by this barbershop are very popular among men in Montreal. 

La Tete Dure barbershop


La Tete Dure is a barbershop that is offering the easiest on pocket services to the clients. They are providing the best services in the area. They offer different services like beard trimming, shaving, haircut, and much more to the clients. 

KRWN barbershop


KRWN barbershop is offering different services to men in Montreal. This barbershop has the most humble staff and a warm, welcoming ambiance. It is the reason behind their success. They offer services like haircuts, beard shaving, trimming, etc. – Barbershops Montreal –

Beardlington barbershop


 Beardlington barbershop in Montreal is not only offering the hair or beard services to the clients. However, they also offer barber courses to the people. Their services include beard shaving, haircut, beard trimming, etc.

Belgard barbershop


Belgard is not only a barbershop, but they also offer massage services to the clients. It is the best place for men in Montreal if they want to pamper themselves from head to toe. Their booking can be a great gift for any man. 

Notorious barbershop


Notorious barbershop has all the modern services available that any man wants. Due to their cooperative staff and extraordinary services, they have made a place in the top list barbershops in Montreal. 

Montreal is famous for its barbershops, and it is the reason behind our above-mentioned detailed article on the best barbershops in Montreal. 

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