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Best Abs Workout for a six-pack


Who in the world doesn’t want a six-pack? There is a perfect abs workout for a six-pack that is easy enough to do for almost everyone. 

The best way to achieve your goals is to remain consistent. The same goes for the workout that we will discuss in this article. It is considered as the best abs workout that works on both upper and lower abs muscles. By staying consistent with this workout, anyone can achieve his goals of perfect abs.

List of best abs workout for a six-pack

 Following is a list of abs exercises that will help you in achieving your goals:


Sit-ups are a great workout for achieving the abs. The only factor that one should keep in mind is to stay regular. It is not hard to perform. The person who wants to do this workout should lie down with his back on the ground and bend his knees. After that, he has to place his hands on the back of his head and try to move his upper body part upward in the sitting position. The person should exhale in this position, and then he has to go back to the starting position and inhale. For the best results, repeat this position ten times in a row.


The main target point of this workout is the lower abs of the human body. It is the best abs workout. The person who wants to perform it can easily obtain the perfect position by sitting on the edge of any bench and extending his legs. After that, he must bend knees towards his chest, and hold on to his legs with his hands. Hold the legs for five seconds and then slowly get back to the starting position. This workout should be repeated ten times in a row as a beginner. 

Swiss ball v-up

It is another great exercise for the stronger abs. The person who wants to perform it should lie down on the floor and hold the Swiss or exercise ball between his ankles. The person’s arms should be behind his head, and then he has to raise his legs and move the ball from the legs to the hands. After that, he must lay down on the floor again and then repeat the same position, but this time, he must pass the ball from the hands to the ankles. This will be considered as one cycle. For the best results, repeat it ten times as a beginner. 

Side planks

Side planks are considered as one of the most effective workouts for the perfect abs. For achieving the perfect side planks position, one must lie down on the floor with his left body side on the ground. Keep the left forearm on the ground, and the right one on your side hips. After that, raise your hips to form a straight line with the body, and stay in that position for some time like for five seconds, and then go back to the starting position. Keep in mind that while lifting your hips, your body weight should be on your left arm and left foot. You can do the same with your right body side as well. For performing this, you have to lay down on the right side of the body and keep the right arm on the floor, and the rest is the same, but you have to put the body weight on the right arm and right foot while lifting your hips. This exercise should be repeated five times as a beginner, and then you can increase according to your stamina.  

The above-mentioned Abs workout for a six-pack will help you in achieving the perfect abs that you desire. 

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