Benefits of stand up paddle boarding

Benefits of stand up paddle boarding


Paddle boarding is one sport that you should consider trying out if you haven’t experienced it yet. Not only is it pleasurable, but it is another great way of getting a whole body workout.

The sport is gaining more popularity with the springing up of many schools that teach people stand up paddle boarding.  Maybe, this sport has become a cliche among your friends and family. As a result, your interest has been heightened.

Whatever the reason could be for your interest in the sport, engaging in paddle boarding comes with a lot of health benefits. What are the benefits that come with the sport? You may be asking. Let’s dive in.

#1. It gets your body moving

Just like every other sporting activity, stand up paddle boarding helps your body to stay in an active position. This goes a long way to increase better blood circulation and keep you healthy generally. Paddle boarding keeps your entire body active making it the ideal sport for a full-body exercise.

#2. Helps you to relax

Feeling stressed out and looking for a great way to unwind? Try stand up paddle boarding. Many individuals who engage in this sporting activity have discovered that the sport is a great stress reliever. The serenity of the water helps you take your mind off yourself and focus on the space.

Breathing in the saltwater air helps you get in tune with nature. Paddle boarding also requires some measure of concentration. If you don’t concentrate, you may fall off the paddle. This helps you to become more aware of your environment and be present in the sport.

#3. A mild form of exercise

The impact of paddle boarding is very mild on every part of the body. It does not give much strain to your ligaments and joints. If therefore you are experiencing muscle cramps and pains in your joints, you don’t have to worry about worsening it. With constant paddle boarding, you can build up strength and subsequently be able to engage in more strenuous sporting activities.

#4. Very helpful in weight lose

The fact that you can lose weight by paddle boarding may not seem like a big deal to you. After all, every form of exercise can help you lose weight. However, since every part of your body is fully engaged in this sport, you can rest assured that you can lose weight evenly. 

Even though many opt for pills and dieting in a bid to lose weight, exercising remains a necessity. However, exercising does not come naturally to many; this makes paddle boarding a fun way to lose those extra fats.

#5. Good for the heart

Stand up paddle boarding has the same effect on your heart as other aerobic exercises. Paddle boarding helps to keep your heart healthy and strong. When you do this exercise constantly, you will lower the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. 


If you are out for adventure and fun, with some measure of health benefits by the side, then you should consider paddle boarding. It’s one sport you can’t get tired of.

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