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Many donors need the clarification that their contributions are significant and will be put into good use, no matter how small such a contribution is. At Good City, you can be assured that your effort will be appreciated and effectively utilized. The Good City was created to provide goodwill donations within and across Hong Kong.

They accept donations of quality items from businesses, families, organizations, etc. They also ensure that these donations of various kinds are evenly distributed to individuals and organizations in need of them. Good City promotes giving, reviewing, and receiving.

What kind of donation does Good City accept?

The Good City accepts all kinds of donations, no matter how big or small they may seem. As long as such items are in good condition and could be a respectful gift to a charity or disadvantaged recipient, they will be accepted. Such donations include a variety of goods items that may have been relatively used or unused. Examples include furniture, household goods, computers, electrical items, etc.

Good City Reviewers

After donations, these items are passed through the services of different trained volunteer reviewers. These reviewers are vital to helping you decide on which item is suitable. They do this with the knowledge that the items vary in size, quality, logistics, voltage, and much more.

These reviewers also have live access to experts who have facilitated donated goods for several years. This is useful, especially in cases of unusual orders. These reviewers also have access to the app’s messaging features and are available to respond to your questions. They ensure that the demands and supplies for every good are made available in due time

The Good City Messaging app

The good city message app is software designed to aid better communication between the donors and receivers. All you have to do as a donor is to:

Take a picture of the item you wish to donate using the messaging app.
These items are passed to the trained volunteer reviewers who give feedback on goods.
After they have done that, you can then select the transport option most preferred for the goods.
Your goods will be gratefully received by a high volunteer labor force and processed.
The items are then received by those in need or used for a variety of good causes.

Clients are also permitted to make demands on items that they need. They can do this by taking a picture of what they need or through the help of their social workers. These social workers have access to a specialized website and mobile app.

How can these Goods be delivered?

There are several means of transportation readily available to transfer these items from the donor to the receivers. These goods can be transferred through several means, including:

Fast Commercial Van hire. This can be booked by using the app. It is the fastest means of transporting these items. Payments can also be made directly to the driver.
You can also deliver the items yourself using the all. All that is required of you to do here is to book a time. Then you can drop your items at the Tuen Mun facility by yourself.


Good city differs from a lot of organizations that are into goodwill donations because they put into consideration the interests of both the donors and receivers. They connect with people from different spheres of life to bring their mission to success. Besides getting to know about them through their messaging app, you can check out their website for more information.

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