5 Benefits of Joining a Fitness Class

5 Benefits of Joining a Fitness Class


Group fitness classes are often a love em or leave em scenario. For those who aren’t in love with the idea of suffering alongside a crew of strangers, I’m here to persuade you otherwise. While I feel there are several reasons everyone can benefit from training with others, here are 5 of the top reasons to get your sweat on with a group:

1. Training with a group improves your accountability.

One of the most common difficulties when starting a workout program is simply getting yourself into the gym. By joining a group fitness class, you’re usually required to reserve your spot and pre-pay in advance. If you choose to skip a class, you will eat the fees for that hour. You’ll most likely feel the guilt of a missed workout and the wasted money.

2. The variety found in group training helps to avoid burnout.

Another reason for failed attempts at working out alone comes in the form of burnout. Limited knowledge leads to repetitive exercises and workouts. Repeating the same exercises over and over again not only gets stale but also prevents fitness progress. Classes usually provide a great deal of variety in the form of training styles, exercises performed, and tools used.

3. Joining a fitness group is like becoming part of a community.

The best small group exercise classes offer a fit family feel. This type of community often lacks the egos found in mainstream gyms allowing you to focus on getting the most out of yourself and your workouts with the support of like-minded people. This can be a huge boost for you mentally as you strive to improve your health and wellness. Not only will your training partners have your back through your struggles but will also be there to celebrate your success along the way.

4. Class training provides the valuable planning and coaching of a personal trainer.

Moreover, group training strikes a great balance between exercising alone and the cost of an individual coach. A high-quality class will limit the number of participants to ensure you have excellent instruction and individual coaching. This guided technique will ensure your safety and how much you get out of the exercise and workout. This instruction is just something you can’t find through social media posts and videos.

5. The diversity of and background of class participants will help you feel less vulnerable.

Rest assured when you join a general class, there will be a wide spectrum of abilities present. There will likely be someone behind, beside, and in front of you, but you don’t have to worry about being better than anyone else because everyone is there to improve. This setting will help inspire you to push yourself without fear or intimidation. Most of your classmates will know exactly how you are feeling and will be there to cheer and push you on.

If these types of small group fitness classes like the ones offered at Transforming Strength are something that sounds appealing, you’re not alone. Once you begin, they will become one of your favorite ways to find motivation and stick to your sweat schedule!

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